Our home in Milan & where to stay

As I arrived few nights before my friends I actually stayed at two different places in the Navigli area. The first of these was perfectly located along the canals (booked via airbnb), and the other some 600m away. The Airbnb place wasn’t anything special so I wont cover it here, but the apartment hotel where... Continue Reading →

Sightseeing in Milan

DUOMO & its surroundings Without a doubt, the top sight in Milan is the Duomo Cathedral. It is one of the largest churches in the world and its gothic design with numerous details is incredibly beautiful, even for someone like me who has seen hundreds of different churches around the world. To visit Duomo, you... Continue Reading →

London – introduction

Regardless of having been to London several times, it seems that on my every visit I always experience something new. There are so many great restaurants, amazing entertainment in the form of musicals and stand-up comedy, amazing museums and sights, and relaxing parks. My blog covers some of the highlights from recent years, such as... Continue Reading →

Tokyo – introduction

Tokyo as a city offers some great food, e.g. in form of sushi and yakiniku barbecues, great onsens (Japanese natural hot spring baths), and some great parks especially during the cherry blossom season. Also, if you have more time to spend, you can easily take a day trip to either Mt Fuji or if visibility... Continue Reading →

Macau – introduction

Macau is easily reachable in a day trip from Hong Kong by ferry - the ferries leave every 15 minutes and you can check timetables here. If you know when you want to go,  I strongly recommend booking in advance, but if you don't mind waiting a bit or having to book premium category ticket,... Continue Reading →

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