5 reasons to visit Zanzibar

There are so many reasons to visit Zanzibar, below just my top 5.

Stunning beaches

For me, the top reason to visit Zanzibar is its beaches: it has some of the most amazing beaches in the world with very fine white sand and incredibly turquoise water. My favourite is the beach in Paje which continues for kilometres and isn’t very crowded, but I also loved to walking on the beach near Nungwi from Warere beach hotel to the sand dunes that were revealed at low tide.

Zanzibar beaches
Zanzibar: sand dunes near Nungwi at low tide
Paje Beach in Zanzibar
Paje Beach in Zanzibar

Stone Town: Learning about slavery & admiring Arabic architecture

While Stone Town as such is an interesting place to see the most interesting part for me was learning about the history of slavery at the old slave market which used the be the biggest in eastern Africa. Beyond that, you may also enjoy the stunning old Arabic doors and the little alley ways.

Stone Town: slave market
Zanzibar was center for East Africa’s slave trade

Kite boarding in Paje

Paje’s amazing beaches don’t only offer some snorkeling but it’s also a heaven for kite boarding. If I would like to learn to kite board, this is where I would go. The beaches are shallow for hundred meters and the sea has soft sandy bottom. Also the wind seemed optimal and we saw hundreds of kite boarders.

Kite boarding in Paje, Zanzibar
Kite boarding in Paje, Zanzibar

Excellent seafood

As an island with a lot of fishermen, Zanzibar is also a paradise for seafood lovers. The most known place for great seafood is The Rock which is located on a miniscule island some 50m from the coast at an old fisherman’s house with amazing sunsets.

The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar
The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar


Zanzibar is surrounded by coral reefs and clear waters. While Mnemba island of the beach in Matemwe is the place most advertised for great snorkelling, we most enjoyed snorkelling off the beach in Paje where corals were really close to surface and you had very few other tourists. But if you happen to be in Nungwi, would definitely still consider going on one of the boat trips offered to Mnemba.

Snorkeling near Mnemba in Zanzibar
Snorkeling near Mnemba in Zanzibar
Zanzibar: 5 reasons to visit
Zanzibar: 5 reasons to visit


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