Tanzania – introduction

You can easily cover the highlights of Tanzania in little over a week. In our case that meant splitting our time between the amazing beaches of Zanzibar and the safaris in the Arusha/Kilimanjaro region. For those interested in climbing, there's also Mt. Kilimanjaro and slightly smaller Mt. Meru. But. Even if we covered the highlight... Continue Reading →

Arusha & Karama Lodge in Tanzania

After 3 nights in a tent we were definitely ready for some luxury! And this was whats we got for the two last night of our trip at the wonderful Karama Lodge. Our days went fast by relaxing by the pool and admiring wine and views on the deck of our private wooden cabin.

Safari: The plains of Serengeti

From Ngorongoro, our journey continued further towards Serengeti. Before being separated into two separate parts, Ngorongoro used to be part of the Serengeti.Nature in Serengeti is very different from Tarangire and Ngorongoro: there are large plains of grass of varying heights, all appealing to slightly different species of animals. In the midst of Serengeti's lush grasses... Continue Reading →

Safari: Ngorongoro crater

Ngorongoro crater was the unique highlight of our safari. The crater was formed long time ago from the explosion of a volcano, forming a 19km wide crater with 600m high edges. IT is the biggest non active crater in the world and home for thousands of animals who migrate in and out of the crater.The... Continue Reading →

Safari: Masai village & our 1st camp

Masai are the native people of the region living both in Kenya and northern Tanzania. On our way to our first safari accommodation we stopped at one of the Masai villages where we were welcomed with traditional songs and dances, and were able to follow and participate their traditional jumping competition. We also visited the... Continue Reading →

Safari: Tarangire

To go on a safari, you must always book a tour with a local tour operator.  Most safaris in Tanzania start from Arusha, but there are couple of other places where you can do a safari as well, such as  Selous.The Arusha region has 4 main national parks: Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, and of course... Continue Reading →

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