The Peak & Tram is the trademark of Hong Kong

The Peak is maybe my favorite place in Hong Kong and no visit to Hong Kong feels right without visiting The Peak. Personally I typically prefer going up via The Morning trail (see my hiking blog post for details: morning / night), but for most tourist the way to get up is to take the Peak tram which, if you don’t mind the crowds, is an experience on its own.


The Peak Tram was opened in 1888 with the purpose of just transporting the local people up the roughly 400m high hill. Today, it is still the fastest public transport connection to The Peak, but of course today it is more known as a tourist attraction. This means that you should also be prepared for long lines – sometimes you have to wait even for 45-60min to get on the tram.

Most people go for The Peak for the views of Hong Kong which are also why I love the place. The “touristic” thing once on the top is to pay extra to go up to the viewing platform but I typically choose to walk a bit further from the tram stop and enjoy the free views over the city. If you for example turn right when you get to the top, along the paved Hong Kong trail there are plenty of excellent viewing points you don’t have to pay for and you also get different kinds of views from different points of the trail and with much less people.

Day views:

Night & sunset views

Misty day

As you can see from the photos, if you have time, I strongly recommend you visit Peak both at night and daytime – the views are worth it!

You can also decide to walk further up to Victoria Peak which is the actual top of the hill, but this is not necessary for the views.

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