Lamma is the best known smaller island in Hong Kong and worth a visit

Hong Kong actually comprises of total of 261 islands in additional to Kowloon and New Territories which is the mainland part of Hong Kong.

The islands are typically referred to as “outlying islands” and most don’t have motorized vehicles and are only reachable by ferry – if with any form of public transport as many are uninhabited.

Among tourists, Lamma is maybe the most known of these islands and also among the easiest to visit: you can take a 20min ferry either from The Central Piers or Aberbeen. The ferries may dock at either of the two (and far apart ) piers: the main village of Yung Shue Wan, or the small fishing village and bay on the eastern side of Lamma, Sok Kwu Wan. For latest schedules for both destinations, check here.

Another alternative for getting to Lamma, especially if you want to experience something more unique, is renting your private little donkey from Aberdeen to Sok Kwu Wan.  This is what I also did one time when visiting the island with my former colleagues, and it was definitely a very unique experience. If you do this, you should not be in a hurry since the little donkies are not very fast 😉

People typically go to Lamma for one of three reasons:

  • Short hike with nice views between the two ferry piers (3-4 km with some climbing)
  • visiting the Hung Shing Yeh beach, or


  • eat at one of the many seafood restaurants in either of the two villages (picture below from the main village).

Ideally, I recommend spending a whole day at the island and doing these all!

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