Navigli – Center of nightlife in Milan & my favorite!

To say the least, Navigli is what made me love Milan. I could easily spend all the nights of a week sitting in the bars and restaurants along the canals, just watching people while enjoying some Italian wine or a cocktail.

Navigli district is located couple km south of the center Milan and offers some great restaurants and bars around the old canals. The canals were originally built to connect Milan to the lake region of Italy and to transport e.g. the marble that was used to construct the great Duomo. Today, the district of Navigli is the center for nightlife.

While Navigli is pretty empty during daytime it is exactly the opposite at night time. If you head there to eat at dinner time, you have two main options: enjoying the happy hour buffets or a proper dinner. The buffets include one free drink (your choice – they have some great cocktails!) and unlimited simple Italian food such as salads, pasta and other small tapas style food. More about the food in the food posting.



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