Khao Lak – introduction

Khao Lak is a perfect place to unwind and get a tan if you need to escape the winter. It is also a great option if you are flying to Phuket and don't want to stay on the more touristic beaches of Phuket: Khao Lak is located just within 1h drive north from the Phuket... Continue Reading →

Village, sunset & dinner

I had originally though to have a dress made for an upcoming event, but after having checked the prices (>200€) I decided against it. However my trip to the local tailor was not totally wasted as I got to experience riding a local "taxi" ;)After the taxi ride and return to the hotel it was... Continue Reading →

Khao Lak: Food, food, food!

The highlight of my 1st day was most definitely the green shrimp curry I had for lunch in a small restaurant by the beach! In the first evening, I got to taste even more of the great Thai food at the Nong Prew beach restaurant some 500m from the hotel. The deep fried green papaya... Continue Reading →

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