About Me


As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to travel and felt too restless to stay in one city or one country for more than a month.

All in all, I’ve so far visited more than 60 countries and while I have no exact plans, I’m trying to visit at least 2 new countries every year. There are very few places to which I return regularly and instead always want to go somewhere new, if not a new country, at least a new part of the country. Travel for me is about discovery of something new and exciting.

Where & Why I travel

The choice of my next travel destination is driven by the things I like: warm weather, possibilities for hiking, amazing scenery, good food, and often also beaches and possibilities to snorkel.

I also prefer to travel to less touristic places, or at least during less touristic times and experience the local culture.

My Professional Background

Professionally I actually have M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management, meaning for the last 20 years I’ve spent my days working in product development and sales for international companies. I have always been lucky to be able to combine my love for travel with my job which has taken me anywhere from Zambia to Kazakhstan, Russia, India and Philippines.  When all my colleagues were complaining how they wanted to travel less I never really understood them. And I still don’t – how could you ever say “No” to a possibility to travel?

Story of this website

This website has been a long time plan. I started writing blogs for my family and closest friends some 10 years ago to keep them updated on my travels and let them know I was safe. After people started hearing how many blogs I’ve written, I started getting more and more questions on why I’m not sharing my experiences. After several years, I eventually decided to do so.  This site is a collection of my most recent travels which I’m publishing gradually.


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