Food in Tangier, Morocco

Food in Tangier is cheap and tasty.  The touristic restaurants obviously have higher prices in general, but we actually paid the total of 5€ for our lunch. The tiny local restaurant didn't even really seem have a name and had only 2 tables - but it was a way of trying the truly authentic local... Continue Reading →

Food at Lake Como

As for rest of Italy, also Como has some great food! Bar Il Molo in Varenna While very simplistic, Bar Il Molo has some stunning views over the lake. While there, we simply couldn’t stop taking photos and it was one of my favorite moments at Lake Como. The place also serves some very good... Continue Reading →

The food in Milan

Okay. So food and wine are definitely my top 2 reasons for visiting Italy. Nowhere is pasta and pizza as good, and nowhere can you get so silky and tasty gelatos. And the wines are definitely excellent as well. Below couple of places which I visited and can recommend. Granaio Pizzeria & Café near Duomo... Continue Reading →

Khao Lak: Food, food, food!

The highlight of my 1st day was most definitely the green shrimp curry I had for lunch in a small restaurant by the beach! In the first evening, I got to taste even more of the great Thai food at the Nong Prew beach restaurant some 500m from the hotel. The deep fried green papaya... Continue Reading →

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