Time for Fun in Hong Kong! Disneyland & Ocean park

Hong Kong has two amusement parks, out of which Disneyland is the one known by most tourist but personally I actually like Ocean Park much better – It offers much better value for money, especially if you want to see a giant panda (super cute!) or actually take some rides which are very few and have long lines in Disneyland.

Disneyland is located near the airport at Lantau island and has a special “mickey mouse” mtr (metro) connection making it easily reachable. The place has been built with a lot of effort and attention to detail, and if you’re a Disney fan you’re definitely going to enjoy it. For me the major let down was the low number of rides, and the 30+ min lines to most of them – To help people manage the long lines they’ve even built a mobile phone app which function seems to be informing people how long the lines are to each attraction.

The other amusement park which is much less known is called Ocean Park. Since the opening of the new metro line in 2016, it has also been reachable via metro and is actually just some 10min from Central. Ocean Park is a full blown amusement park with the addition of some very cool animals, such as the giant pandas which alone make for a good reason to visit the park. In addition to pandas there are also other smaller furry friends, along with e.g. dolphins and sea lions. If you want to experience something very special, you can even book a private encounter with the penguins, dolphins or seals in a large swimming pool for the price of roughly 130€. The private encounters need to be booked in advance.


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