Discover the Beaches on Hong Kong Island

What? Are there beaches on Hong Kong island? it took me a couple of visits to realize this but there actually are plenty! And they are pretty nice also!

The Beaches on Hong Kong island are all located on the less developed southern part of the island, which the most popular ones listed below.

Repulse Bay

Repulse bay is the biggest beach on Hong Kong Island and also the one with most restaurants to offer. The boardwalk has plenty of options for food and the beach is definitely a nice place to hang out and enjoy some sunny weather. Just be sure to make a booking if you want to eat there during the weekend as may come there for brunch especially.

Stanley Beach

Also the remote village of Stanley has a beach on the opposite side of the peninsula to the seafront boulevard. It is relatively small but still a nice place to spend time especially if you’re anyway visiting Stanley and its restaurants and market stalls.



Shek O beach

For simply laying on the beach, Shek O beach is maybe my favorite on Hong Kong island. It is nestled in a beautiful cove with white sand and nice scenery, and also has one nice restaurant “The beach house” just by the beach. The restaurant is a perfect spot for a weekend brunch, but you either have to be there already before opening time at noon, or book in advance to make sure you get a table.

Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay is where also Hong Kong’s most famous hike, the Dragon’s back, ends. True to its name, the small beach offers some decent waves and some people also go there for surfing.

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