Milan & Lake Como – Introduction


If you love Italian food but don’t want to go to the most popular tourist weekend destinations, i.e. Rome and Venice, Milan combined with a visit to Lake Como is a great option.

I visited Milan and Lake Como in September for a long weekend with some of my very good girl friends. Whereas I arrived with train from Zurich (only 3h and 19€ when I booked early), the rest of us arrived at the Milan Malpensa airport.

Milan is a combination of an industrial business city and a cool travel destination. Along the years I had visited it numerous times but had not really fallen in love with it. I always felt it somehow lacked personality. This visit however changed my attitude completely as I spent most of my time in the Navigli area which is packed with nice restaurants and bars along the canals.

While Milan itself can offer you plenty to see and experience for a long weekend, as a nature lover I would strongly recommend combining it with a visit to Lake Como which is less than 1h drive from both the airport and Milan. If you come from Milan, you can get there with train, but from airport it’s easiest to rent a car which are cheap in Italy and anyway convenient if you want to explore the region more. This is also what we did.

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