Sightseeing in Milan

DUOMO & its surroundings

Without a doubt, the top sight in Milan is the Duomo Cathedral. It is one of the largest churches in the world and its gothic design with numerous details is incredibly beautiful, even for someone like me who has seen hundreds of different churches around the world.

To visit Duomo, you need to buy a ticket from the ticket office. We bought a combo ticket allowing us to enter the church and to get up to the roof to admire the views over Milan.



The inside of the cathedral is really stunning with large beautiful glass paintings on the windows, details of the pillars and decoration, and the golden statue.


The roof of the cathedral offers views over Milan and a possibility to see up close the arches of the church. I highly recommend going up to the roof – either with a lift or by foot like we did and did not regret.


The Square where Duomo is located is surrounded by beautiful buildings on its each side.


Galleria of Vittorio Emmanuelle II

After visiting Duomo, most people head to admire the Galleria of Vittorio Emmanuelle II, a beautiful arcade of shops right next to Duomo. This is also what we did. And if you like shopping, you can find some famous Italian brands there – most of them quite expensive.


Castello Sforzeso (Sforza Castle)

If you walk on one of Milan’s main shopping streets, Via Dante, you cannot miss the other well known and central sight in Milan at the end of the street: The Sforza Castle.

The current Sforza Castle was built on the 15th century by the Duke of Milan. The Castle itself is worth a visit while maybe not something spectacular. It also houses several museums and gallerias. As the weather was perfect 23C and sunny, instead of going into the museums we spent our time in the park behind the castle sitting and watching kids play with soap bubbles.


Basilica D’ambrosio

Basilica of Sant Ambrosio is one of the oldest churches in Milan and was built in the late 400’s.  Its super simplistic design is also a big contrast to the Duomo. Visiting the Basilica is  free and given it’s not as well known as the Duomo you can enjoy it in peace.


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