Full day trip to Kruger National Park

On the first day at the lodge we woke up early to leave for our first safari at 6am. The Safari was organized by our Lodge, but you can also find other alternative Safari companies online. The prices typically are around 1300-2000RMB/person, depending of course on the size of your group.Our safari started with a 2h drive... Continue Reading →

Towards Kruger From Johannesburg

Our 6h journey from Johannesburg airport towards Kruger and our lodge started by 2 hours of driving through the vast plains along highways N4 and N12, along which we also took a short pit stop at Milly's. The scenery then changed to more hilly and green - simply amazing. Also the road became smaller (yet fairly... Continue Reading →

Blyde River Canyon & Panorama Route

We chose the scenic route, officially called Panorama route, for the last part of our journey to the lodge. The route goes first through green dramatic hills until Graskop, and then from there on, on the side of the Blyde River Canyon, the 4th biggest canyon in the world. And the views were simply amazing. Since we... Continue Reading →

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