The food in Milan is affordable and amazing!

Okay. So food and wine are definitely my top 2 reasons for visiting Italy. Nowhere is pasta and pizza as good, and nowhere can you get so silky and tasty gelatos. And the wines are definitely excellent as well. Below couple of places which I visited and can recommend.

Granaio Pizzeria & Café near Duomo

While this place only has average reviews on Tripadvisor our spicy sausage pizza and the baked egg plant dish were really good. The interior of the restaurant is modern yet cozy, and you can see the location in the prices – but not more than in other places in the area. The service was also ok, while maybe not excellent. I would definitely go back there for the spicy sausage pizza that was truly tasty, and spicy!


Posto di Conversazione: Italian food with a twist along Navigli

When my friend Pinja arrived the first thing we both wanted to do was to find a nice Italian restaurant where we could sit outside along the canals. We ended up with Posto di Conversazione which had some tables outside and good reviews online. We were positively surprised with the inventiveness of the menu as they had managed to introduce their on twist to many foods without making them weird. Especially the shared appetizers, i.e. the tuna tartar with apple and the octopus with tasty sauce were very good, and the pasta did not come far behind. For a relatively fancy restaurant the prices were also decent.


Happy Hour Buffet along the Naviglio Grande at Vintage bar

My original plan on my first evening alone in Milan was to eat pasta at a casual Italian restaurant. But when I noticed that it was happy hour and that all bars were packed with people whereas restaurants were empty my choice was clear: I would enjoy the happy hour buffet. It was also a smart decision for the wallet: the buffet with a cocktail costed me 9€, and the Sex On The Beach cocktail I had was perfect. And while the buffet had more simple food, the options were plenty and the food tasty.


Greek Fusion: good casual option to Italian cuisine

I also had some great casual Greek food in the Navigli area. The place has high reviews and the food was good. Well – how could you go wrong with Tzatziki? In any case, a good option if you are bored with Italian food and are looking for a casual restaurant along the canal.


Binario 11: Casual & fast lunch pasta near Sforza Castle

Binario 11 is a place where I could see myself going regularly to either grab a small snack such as pizza slice or pastry, or to have a quick and affordable lunch. They make simple yet very tasty Italian food in a cafe like setting and are clearly popular also for takeaway at lunch time.


Food in Milan: great restaurants & happy hour deals

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