Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical gardens to escape the city buzz

I still cannot get over how Hong Kong is able to so easily hide huge gardens right in the city center  –  so well that you might even totally miss those if not specifically going there. The Hong Kong botanical  gardens and the small zoo next to it are such places and free to visit for anyone.

Hong Kong Botanical garden has plenty of different flowers to see but of course as it’s an outside garden it depends on the time of the year how many and which flowers are blooming. It also has a beautiful inside garden full of orchid at one end.

The park also is home for plenty of different herbs and medical plants, something which still today are important in Chinese medicine.

The Zoo and botanic gardens are located next to each other, with part of the zoo, mainly the birds, being slightly uphill from the gardens and rest being to the west on the other side of a busy road. This side is where you have mostly different kind of monkeys and gorillas.

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