Estepona beach & harbour

The beach in Estepona is really long and perfect for sunbathing. There are plenty of restaurants along the beach (especially in the middle), as well as in the harbour which starts where the beach ends in the west. This is where we also had some great paella, but I have to say the harbour was... Continue Reading →

Cycling in Estepona, Spain

When booking our vacation in Andalusia, our plan had been to rent bicycles atleast for some part of our holiday. Given we spent the first part of the holiday at the mountains and neither of us is really a mountain cyclist, when we arrived in Estepona it was clear we wanted to go cycling. So,... Continue Reading →

Our penthouse in Estepona, Spain

We spent the last 4 nights of our 8 day holiday in Andalusia in Estepona. Estepone is an old touristic town some 80km west of Malaga and offers a very nice alternative to Torremolinos and Furteventura with its beautiful old town. Our Airbnb apartment in Estepona was located on the outskirts of the town, but... Continue Reading →

Nerja and its beaches

Nerja is a small coastal town some 30min east from Malaga. Nerja is known for some of the best beaches in Andalusia. Our first stop was a little cove called Nerja Maro on the east side of Nerja. The bech had hardly any people since it was outside the touristic season and because we were... Continue Reading →

Hiking from Competa in Andalusia

The surroundings of the village of Competa has plenty of hiking opportunities routes which are mostly well marked. The hike we took was some 10km and started on the hill behind Competa (you can see our route here). The first half was mainly uphill, with amazing views from the top¬†over the valleys on the other... Continue Reading →

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