Cheug Chau island in Hong Kong: perfect day trip destination

Cheung Chau is a perfect half-day trip destination from Hong Kong offering culture, beach and some great seafood.

You can reach Cheung Chau from pier 5 in Central, with boats going almost every half an hour. The journey takes roughly 35min on the fast ferry (schedules).

The ferries from Central arrive right to the center of the island where the ocean side boulevard is first lined with shops and then several seafood restaurants. The harbour is also packed with different kinds of fishing boats.

For history lovers, the most interesting sight at Cheung Chau is maybe the Pak Tai Temple which is some 500m from the dock to the left.  The temple is roughly 200 years old and was erected to honour Pak Tai, the Taoist god of the sea. The Temple contains, among other things, old-plated woodcraft from the times of Qing Dynasty (1644–1911) and a Song Dynasty (960–1279) iron sword. The roof of the temple is decorated with dragons typical to Chinese architecture.

This temple is also the centre of activities during the popular Bun Festival taking place on May.

Cheung Chau also has a lovely and relatively long beach on the opposite side of the island.

Cheung Chau also has a short hiking trail, Cheung Chau Family trail, along the coast. Part of the trail is also nick named as “Mini Great Wall” and goea past some impressive rock formations and ends at the North Point pavilion. Short walk but nice especially on a sunny day.

Another draw to Cheung Chau is seafood: the boardwalk is lined with local seafood restaurants, all serving excellent fresh seafood.



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