Sai Kung offers some great hiking, beaches, and seafood in Hong Kong

Sai Kung is a huge national park in the eastern part of New Territories in Hong Kong and it’s a very popular destination for both locals and expats during the weekends. To get there you can either take the combination of metro and bus, depending where you are coming from, or taxi. Given it’s a popular destination there are often traffic jams on the road leading there on Saturday and Sunday mornings with people coming for boat trips, snorkeling, hiking and or just to spend the day.

Sai Kung town is where all the buses and taxis take you to and it’s also the starting point for all the activities. The harbour is located right next to the bus and taxi stations and has plenty of boats offering different kind of day trips to the archipelago, or you can hop on one of the local mini buses to go further into the national park to hike, visit the beaches or even snorkel e.g. at Hoi Ha Wan.

To learn more about hiking in Sai Kung, check out these hikes out of which the top 2 or some of my favorites in the entire Hong Kong:




Sai Kung town also offers some great Chinese seafood restaurants and I always love eating there after spending the day hiking or snorkeling. My favorite foods are salt & pepper deep fried calamari, sweet & sour fish, black bean mussels, whole fish cooked with some ginger, and of course the steamed vegetables of all kinds. In general all restaurants along the harbour offer similar foods of similar quality, but you might want to avoid the most touristic ones with very active marketers. Also note that for many fish dishes the price consists of the price of the fish and the cooking fee, so sometimes it may be hard to know what the food will eventually cost.

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