Phu Quoc – introduction

Phu Quoc is Vietnam's biggest island and also the most southern part of Vietnam. Getting there is really easy: there are several flights from Ho Chi Minh every day, and if you book early and not during high season, the tickets are also cheap. You can also take a ferry, but I strongly advice against... Continue Reading →

Dinners at Phu Quoc

On few evenings we enjoyed our dinner at Mango Bay Resort which is the best restaurant (especially by value but also good quality) in the nearby area. The restaurant does not only have good food but also great atmosphere as it is located partially above water and has large terrace. One evening we also had... Continue Reading →

Exploring the island with a scooter

In order to explore the northern parts of the Phu Quoc island a bit more we also rented a scooter for a day (from the hotel, approx 10€/day). We first stopped at the river for some kayaking. We rented the kayaks from a lovely restaurant Phuong Vi by the river, which is also a great place... Continue Reading →

Snorkelling at our beach

On few days we also put on our masks and snorkels and snorkelled in front of the hotel. To our surprise, there was actually some small but colourful corals and fish there, so definitely fun for an hour or so. As the waters were just settling down (and visibility limited off shore) after the rainy season it did... Continue Reading →

Kayak trip from the hotel to nearby beach

We also wanted to take advantage of the free kayaks at our hotel and one day paddled to the nearby long Ong Lang beach for some sun bathing and lunch.  For a good listing and descriptions of all beaches at Phu Quoc, check this out: beaches  

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