Macau – introduction

Macau is easily reachable in a day trip from Hong Kong by ferry - the ferries leave every 15 minutes and you can check timetables here. If you know when you want to go,  I strongly recommend booking in advance, but if you don't mind waiting a bit or having to book premium category ticket,... Continue Reading →

Venetian Casino Hotel

So... I really did not know what to expect when heading towards the Venetian. We got there with a Taxi from the Senado Square (even if it takes a while taxis are very cheap in Macau so very convenient). The best words to describe the place are maybe huge and crazy. The place is, as... Continue Reading →

Lunch at BOA Mesa Comida Portuguesa in Macau

BOA Mesa Comida Portuegesa is a great casual place to have some authentic Portuguese food near the Senado square. They have plenty of seafood available, but also some meat. Given its hidden few streets away from the Senado square it is also not too touristic and prices are very decent.

The ruins of St. Paul

The ruins of St Paul are maybe the most famous sight in Macau and located some 500m away from the Senado Square. The large stairs and the front façade are the only remains of this great church today.

The alleys towards St Paul’s ruins on a rainy day

The route towards St. Paul's goes through small alleys which are always packed with tourists. On a rainy day moving might get tough given that everyone is holding an umbrella.Along the alleys are plenty of shops selling the local delicacies e.g. air dried meat and Portuguese egg tarts.

St. Dominic’s Church

Just few hundred meters from Senado Square towards the ruins of St' Paul's (the direction which most tourists are heading from the Senado Square) is the small church of St. Dominic's.

Senado Square

Most people come to Macau with a ferry from Hong Kong, either the airport or Hong Kong Island. In our case, we came with TurboJET from Hong Kong Island. If you know when you want to travel, I highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance as otherwise you will often have to pay extra for premium... Continue Reading →

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