Sometimes you may not have time to read long posts about a destination and instead just want a list of the highlights in a compact format. This is what this part of my blog is for: quickly being able to see my recommendations on hotels, restaurants and sights in each destination.

All the summaries are created with Wowanders, which is a smart travel diary app which I’ve developed and use to automatically track all places that I visit.


Helsinki Porvoo More:(


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Netherlands London Mallorca
Helsinki Stockholm Lviv
Helsinki Stockholm Lviv, Ukraine
Tallinn Rome Barcelona
Tallinn Rome Barcelona
Milan Lake Como Malaga
Milan Lake Como, Italy Malaga


Hong kong Singapore Langkawi
Hong Kong Singapore Langkawi
Hoi An Tokyo Kyoto
Hoi An, Vietnam Tokyo Kyoto


Tanzania Cape Town Doha
Tanzania Cape Town Doha

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