Tanzanian Safari: Visiting a Masai village and our first night camping

Masai are the native people of the region living both in Kenya and northern Tanzania. On our way to our first safari accommodation we stopped at one of the Masai villages where we were welcomed with traditional songs and dances, and were able to follow and participate their traditional jumping competition. We also visited the village school where small children are studying, for example, Masai, Swahili and English, before being transferred to official public schools in the area at a later age.

Today, welcoming visitors to see their lifestyle is a business for the Masai: if you want to visit and learn about their habits, visit the houses, and see them dancing, you pay a fee (around 10USD/person). It does feel a bit weird, but on the other hand is an unique opportunity to learn.

Our first camp had amazing views to the valley and we got to enjoy them at their best when waking up in our tents in the morning and facing an amazing sunrise.

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