True luxury at Safari in Tanzania

Ok. I’ve been to many hotels, and the Escarpment Luxury Lodge definitely goes to top 5.

Let’s start with the environment of the lodge. Stunning: it’s located on the edge of the Great Rift Valley Escarpment which is some 600m high and has a beautiful view over Lake Manyara. And you can experience both amazing sunrises and sunsets at the lodge.

Great Rift Valley in Tanzania
Great Rift Valley in Tanzania

The hotel pool is an infinity pool with amazing views and an amazing sunset. It’s not huge but in my opinion just the perfect size and great place for enjoying drinks which the staff are happy to bring.

The pool at Escarpment Luxury Lodge
The pool at Escarpment Luxury Lodge

The rooms: wow! Spacious open design, beautiful décor, stunning views over the valley from all the private lodges both inside the lodge and from the private deck. And even the bath tub has a view! To really be one with the nature, you can also instead of the indoor shower take your shower in your private outdoor bathroom.

Also the service was impeccable and kind. The only thing to improve is the food as they try to serve you western food which naturally the locals chefs cannot fully master. This is very typical in many hotels, and leaves me to wonder why they don’t offer more local food options which I at least would love to taste. Now we were mostly eating ingredients the villagers would have never tasted, such as Tilapia, mutton, french fries, tortellini etc.

The location of the lodge is also perfect if you just want to stay at one place while visiting all the three parks: Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara. I know many people change accommodation every night, and that is also what we did on our previous trip, but being able to return to the same place definitely has it perks – especially when travelling with kids! Of course, changing accommodation every night means you are better positioned to enjoy early morning safaris as you’re typically already inside the park and don’t have to drive longer distances in the mornings.

There was also a show by local Masai people every night at the hotel, some nights singing and dancing traditional songs that guests could join, some night acrobatics.

Masai before the show at Escarpment Luxury Lodge
Masai before the show at Escarpment Luxury Lodge
Luxury at a safari in Tanzania
Luxury at a safari in Tanzania


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    1. It was truly stunning, also more luxurious than when I normally stay. But have also been to a very budget friendly budget safari and also that was an amazing experience, you can actually sleep in a tent middle of the park without fences!


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