Zanzibar: Swimming with turtles and enjoying the beaches of Nungwi

After our snorkelling near Matemwe we headed towards Nungwi village on the northern tip of Zanzibar.  Our first stop in Nungwi was the kanssa Mnarani Turtles Conservation where you get to swim with the large turtles rescued from fishermen’s nets (entry fee 10USD).
This place proved to be one of the highlights of our trip to Zanzibar! The turtles swim in a little natural cove which is directly connected to the ocean but where they cannot escape. You get to both feed the turtles with seaweed and swim with them. And they are huge (biggest had a diameter of 70cm) and plentiful!!!!

Our next stop was the Nungwi beach which is the most developed of all the beaches in Zanzibar and has plenty of high end resorts. While the beach is amazing it maybe lacked the authenticity of Paje given the higher number of tourists.

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