Zanzibar: Jozani National Park & Dinner at The Rock are a must if staying near Paje

Jozani is a small national park some 15km from Paje. IT offers a good introduction in to the local vegetation as well as a possibility to encounter the red colobus monkeys which are a highly endangered spieces living only at this national park.

The entrance fee to the park is 8USD including a guide which will take you both to see the  monkeys and guides you through the short nature trail.

To celebrate our last night in Zanzibar we had booked a table from one of the most famous restaurants in Zanzibar, “The Rock”. The Rock was originally as fishermen’s cottage on Michanvi Pingwe’s beach but was turned into a restaurant in early 2000. What makes the restaurant unique is that it is like a little island emerging from the sea: in low tide you can walk there, on high tide youäre taken there with a small boat.

Before dinner, we also enjoyed walking on the beach on low tide and enjoying cocktails while watching the locals playing football on the beach.

Even if the restaurant’s popularity means that prices are high at the restaurant, it is definitely worth a visit. As a main course we shared a seafood platter which was simply amazing and had plenty to eat for two after a shared starter!!!

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