Boating at Lake Como: Beautiful villages of Bellagio & Varenna

A visit to the Lake Como is not complete without a boat trip! While you can basically get on a boat from almost any village, we decided to drive up to Menaggio and do some “village hopping” between Menaggio, Bellagio, and Varenna.


The most memorable moments from Bellagio were visiting the lakeside terraces of a fancy hotel, and walking on the side of the lake on a short promenade. The alleys in the town are nice as well, but I somehow still liked Varenna better.

Varenna for me felt much more authentic and welcoming, and it also had more restaurants by the lake which is why we had chosen to have our lunch there and actually, Varenna is also where we had food with the best view while in Italy. About this you can read more in the food post.

While Bellagio with is “celebrity status” is the most famous of these villages, I personally I liked Varenna better. But both are definitely worth a visit. For boat schedules: click here.

Boating at Lake Como: Varenna and Bellagio

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