Zurich: our great hotel & the expensive (but good) restaurants

One thing you need to be prepared when coming to Zurich is the cost of hotels and food. You easily have to pay 20€ for a lunch, and 50€ or more for even a very simple dinner. I visited 2 restaurants during my stay in Zurich:


For Lunch I was feeling like having the traditional Flamkuchen so I chose the first place on my walk around the city offering those: The Raclette Factory. The place was casual but centrally located on the opposite side of the river on the small alleyways.  The service was very attentive and friendly, and food came really fast, which might have also been because I was there right when it opened and there were no other people waiting for food 😉 Also the Flamkuchen (the swiss version of a pizza) was exactly as it should be: thin & crispy with plenty of sour cream, cheese, onion and bacon!


TAO for dinner

TAO is located in the heart of the old town and is kind of Swiss-Asian fusion Cuisine with prices of main courses starting around 40€. I indulged myself in a seafood & fish tagliatelle which was simply delicious. I wish I had a picture but my phone was running out of battery and the flash was no longer working…  The dish had a scallop, tiger prawn, tuna, salmon and some tasty white fish alongside yummy tagliatelle. And of course I had some local wines to go with it which was perfect.  I skipped the cocktails since there are very few cocktails for which I’m prepared to pay 20€+ for.

TAO also has a popular bar / lounge downstairs which was packed by the time we left around 11pm.


Motel One for the night

I’m not sure this hotel has the right name as the word “motel” to me sounds like an ugly & cheap roadside hotel and this definitely wasn’t that. For Zurich, the prices were moderate (around 150€ /night/double) and there really isn’t anything you could complain about the hotel. The lobby and bar downstairs are amazing, the location is really good just 0.5km from old town and the rooms were good too. Definitely would recommend staying there.



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