Try the Traditional food at the Swiss Alps

While in the alps on both days when eating out we wanted to test the local cuisine.

Portal for Dinner in Churwalden

On our first evening we went to a new restaurant in Churwalden called “Portal” which is at the bottom of the new ski lift. While we were the only guests on this very slow night the food and the service were very good.

I ordered the local soup,  Bündner Gerstensuppe, which was very tasty and seems to be offered in most restaurants. It’s kind of creamy and has some barley and slices of ham.

As the main course I just had to have the Gordon bleu to get to eat some of that tasty swiss cheese! The portion was huge and more than I could eat. But it was good 😊


Restaurant Acla Grischuna for a well deserved lunch after the hike

You don’t need to be hiking in order to reach Acla Grishuna: you can get there by car or by taking the Tgantieni ski lift from Lanzerheide. The restaurant has some large outside terrace, but given the weather we were eating inside while it was hailing outside.

In addition to enjoying some warm gluhwein, we also enjoyed some deer with mushroom sauce, spatzle and red cabbage. And it was really good!


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