Khao Lak: I can’t get enough of Thai food!

The highlight of my 1st day was most definitely the green shrimp curry I had for lunch in a small restaurant by the beach!

In the first evening, I got to taste even more of the great Thai food at the Nong Prew beach restaurant some 500m from the hotel. The deep fried green papaya salad and calamaris tasted simply delicious, not to mention the beautiful cocktails!



The issue with staying in a touristic area like Khao Lak is the places with best views might not have the best food, and you have to compromise on either aspect. On one of the evening I ate at Andaman beach resort which definitely surprised positively with their food, even if it could have been a bit more spicy!


On my last evening I decided to try the lobster which is maybe the only food that actually is quite expensive in Thailand. Well, turns out it wasn’t worth the money.. Luckily we had also ordered some tiger prawns which were excellent so the dinner at Mali restaurant wasn’t too bad in the end!






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