Cycling in Estepona, Spain means you need to be prepared for the hills!

When booking our vacation in Andalusia, our plan had been to rent bicycles atleast for some part of our holiday. Given we spent the first part of the holiday at the mountains and neither of us is really a mountain cyclist, when we arrived in Estepona it was clear we wanted to go cycling. So, immediately on the first morning we went to look for a bicycle rental shop. Unfortunately, Estepona only has one proper rental shop for bicycles (Radikal Bike), and is it was closed because it was a Sunday. Thus, our only option was to rent the bikes from a tourist/info office in the marina. We did get our bikes, but they really weren’t very good so it did influence our biking (I’m coming up with excuses where cycling the hills was so tough…)

We ended up making a 2h tour starting from the marina, heading towards inland and around to the other side of Estepona. We did end up enjoying our cycling, but it got quite hilly soon after you get outside the town, which was pretty tough for a beginner like myself, especially since you had to cycle on the regular roads with also some large trucks (I can cycle all right but just don’t like the heavy traffic…).



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