Encountering wild horses while hiking near Canillas de Albaida in Andalusia

Our first longer hike started just 1km from our house (our route in wikiloc). The entire hike was some 10km, and lasted some 3-4h, including a break for light lunch which we had packed with us. We found the hike with Wikiloc hiking tracking app which is great for discovering hikes, I just wish tracking would consume less battery….

The first half of the hike was mainly uphill on a dirt road with views.

Once we arrived at the top, we suddenly heard a sound of an animal and were positively surprised to find some 20 wild horses, including some 5 small ones. The horses were absolutely beautiful, but also clearly afraid of people and protective of the young ones.

After having our lunch at the top, we headed downwards on a much narrower path with simply amazing views. On the way, we also saw some wild goats on the opposite slope.

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