Ronda – the town with THE bridge in Andalusia

Ronda is an old town some 1h drive from Malaga to northwest, and it’s famous for its huge old bridge, the Puente Nuevo built in the 18th century. Given how famous it is (for a reason since it is very beautiful and quite unique) the place is always packed with tourists.


Ronda has always appealed to famous visitors due to its majestic location and beautiful old town:ย for example Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles have been part-time residents of Ronda during many summers.

TIP: Once you’ve seen the bridge and the El Tajo gorge,ย  if you want to avoid the most touristic spots when having lunch or dinner, wondering just few blocks further inside the old town will already help.

TIP 2: The weather in Ronda due to its high altitude location can be significantly colder than in Malaga or the coastal towns, so be prepared with some warm clothing if you visit at any other time than the summer.

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