Nerja and its beaches are some of the best in southern Spain

Nerja is a small coastal town some 30min east from Malaga.

Nerja is known for some of the best beaches in Andalusia. Our first stop was a little cove called Nerja Maro on the east side of Nerja. The bech had hardly any people since it was outside the touristic season and because we were also quite early to the beach (around 11am). It also has a small restaurant which we did not try this time and during busy season they have kayak rentals there.


We had our lunch along the main beach of Nerja in Nerja Town. This beach is much longer and has a long boardwalk full of restaurants. Our choice today was a very nice Merendero Montemar seafood restaurant where they cooked fish on open fire.

By the way: if you haven’t been to a lot of limestone caves, Nerja also has some amazing caves which we chose to not to visit as we’ve seen so many caves around the world already and instead preferred to enjoy beach life.

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