Walking north to the long & beautiful Khuk Khak beach

Beaches are why people come to Khao Lak, and that’s why I also wanted to go and explore the beaches on the northern side of the village. To explore the northern beaches, there are two options: take a taxi or then walk on beach. As there are no roads along the beach, the ride takes longer so I decided to explore the beaches on foot. If getting too tired, I could always take a taxi back at one of the hotels.

When going on foot, there is one important thing to note: there are several smallish “rivers” along the beach which are very shallow on low tide, but get wider and 2m deep on high tide. The good thing is there are good websites which tell you the timings of the tides each day (it varies) so you can make sure the tide is low when you plan on crossing those rivers.

Once you cross the first river are officially on the Khuk Khak beach. Khuk Khak is quieter with less hotels and restaurants, but maybe even more beautiful.

The Khuk Khak beach continues likely for some 10k. I walked upto the part where JW Marriot is which is also where it’s easy to take a taxi back if  you so wish.

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