Lamru National Park in Khalo Lak: Nature trail & Ton Chong Fa waterfalls

Lamru national park is just 6km from Khao lak and easily reachable with a taxi (250baht).

My original plan was just to visit the nature trail which is only few km long. The trail surprised me by being quite varied with small climbs and descents. The best part was the amazing little cove with a beach towards the end. Dip in the sea was perfect ending for the walk!

After finishing the trailย  I was proposed by the local people (obviously interested in selling me a ride) to also visit the nearby waterfalls. Given I was anyway interested in visiting them and was able to negotiate a good deal for the ride (600 baht including visit to the fall, waiting time, and transport back to the hotel) I decided to continue my adventure towards the waterfalls.

To reach the waterfall from the parking you first have to walk 1km on a dirt road mainly uphill after which you reach the lower part of the falls. The falls are actually in 5 separate levels and in total more than 100m high meaning if you want to see the entire fall you have to hike much more on the path on the side of the waterfalls. But it was definitely worth it!

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