Bang Niang beach at the Khao Lak village is beautiful & has plenty of restaurants

The beach in Khao Lak seems to continue forever and you can easily spend your entire day just walking on the beach and enjoying the sun and the scenery. Today I was exploring the Bang Niang beach in front of the village.

Maybe due to the time of the year the beach also had very few people making it evenย  better for relaxation. Regardless of the lack of people, there’s still plenty of restaurants along the beach to stop by for drinks or lunch. Many restaurants also seemed to offer free use of their sun loungers if you eat or drink something.

At lunch time I headed for the Yellow bar for some fried noodles with chicken (2โ‚ฌ) and fresh mago juice (1.2โ‚ฌ) – I wish we had mango juice like this in Finland!!!

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