Blyde River Canyon & Panorama Route are simply stunning

We chose the scenic route, officially called Panorama route, for the last part of our journey to the lodge. The route goes first through green dramatic hills until Graskop, and then from there on, on the side of the Blyde River Canyon, the 4th biggest canyon in the world. And the views were simply amazing.

Since we had already been travelling for a long time, we chose to only stop at two of the numerous viewing sites: God’s Window and Lowveld view, partially because these both included very limited walking.

God’s Window is maybe the most known of all the viewing places (you can visit full list of viewing places & descriptions here). When we arrived, a thunderstorm was approaching making visibility limited but the views were still amazing.


 After God’s Window, we continued on the Panorama route, with our next stop at Lowveld View. While maybe less visited and less known, to me this view felt even more incredible. I know the  pictures are not fully able to portray the feeling you get when standing above the canyon, but you kind of feel like standing on top of the world. It was really mesmerizing.





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