Full day trip to Kruger National Park was long but worth it

On the first day at the lodge we woke up early to leave for our first safari at 6am. The Safari was organized by our Lodge, but you can also find other alternative Safari companies online. The prices typically are around 1300-2000RMB/person, depending of course on the size of your group.

Our safari started with a 2h drive to the more distant Orpen Gate. Given it was still early and bit cold, and even raining a bit, the drive wasn’t too pleasant on the jeep, even with the side fabrics closed.
However, this all was soon forgotten as we entered Kruger park, had our breakfast packed by the lodge, and the actual Safari begun!

Here some pics of a the animals and scenery during the day.

We exited Kruger around 5:30 via Phalaborwa gate, after which there was only a 30min drive to our lodge. Long but a great day! 


4 thoughts on “Full day trip to Kruger National Park was long but worth it

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  1. What luck that you got to see a lion, and it looks like within good proximity too! Its my dream to go here and your photos just reinforce it – I would love to know what lodge you stayed at? Thanks!


    1. Yes, we were really lucky! It is an amazing place, although when it comes to a safari my favorite is still Ngorongoro in Tanzania. But Kruger is amazing as well. We stayed at Casart Game Lodge (http://www.casartgamelodge.com/) in Grietje Nature Reserve outside Kruger Park. We did some game drives in the private reserve (really good as well) and a full day trip to Kruger.


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