Exploring Tangier in Morocco

Tangier has a very interesting history which I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with if travelling there – we used Rick Steve’s audio guides to do this (available from Amazon). From 1920s to 1950s, Tangiers was an international town governed by 9 different countries due to its strategic position. It became eventually part of Morocco, and for decades there were not any investments made by the State of Morocco to maintain the old glory of the city as it was not really felt to be part of Morocco. For the last decade however, the new king has started to invest in the restoration and development of the city.

The main sight of Tangiers is the old town, also called Medina. We started exploring the Medina by taking a taxi to theย Place du Grand 9 Avril 1947. Next to this big square there is also Rue d’Italie, which is exactly what the name says, a street looking a lot like streets in Italy.

Next, we continued through some nice parks to the western side of the Medina to the old Punic Tombs where you get a beautiful view of the city and the sea.

Finally, it was time to start exploring the Medina itself, starting from the castle on the most western and highest part of the Medina.

Medina of Tangiers
Medina of Tangiers

The tiny alleys of the Medina can only be explored on foot and are really easy to get lost at. But if you remember the main rule that the port is always downhill, you should be able to eventually find your way out of the alleys if you get lost.

The alleys are also packed with small shops where the sellers are more than eager to invite you in. We had agreed with our local guide he would keep away everyone and that proved to be a very good deal which I recommend to anyone not interested ion being continuously approached.

Tangier Medina
Medina of Tangier in Morrocco

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