Food in Tangier, Morocco

Food in Tangier is cheap and tasty.  The touristic restaurants obviously have higher prices in general, but we actually paid the total of 5€ for our lunch. The tiny local restaurant didn't even really seem have a name and had only 2 tables - but it was a way of trying the truly authentic local... Continue Reading →

Exploring Tangier in Morocco

  Tangier has a very interesting history which I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with if travelling there - we used Rick Steve's audio guides to do this (available from Amazon). From 1920s to 1950s, Tangiers was an international town governed by 9 different countries due to its strategic position. It became eventually part of... Continue Reading →

Getting to Tangier from Tarifa in Spain

Tangier is a very short ride ferry trip away from Southern Spain, and more specifically, Tarifa, a small coastal town between Gibraltar and the Portuguese border. In terms of the ferry, I strongly recommend taking the fast ferry which gets you in bit more than an hour directly into the old town of Tangier whereas... Continue Reading →

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