Hiking in Lenzerheide at the Swiss Alps

When we woke up on our second day the weather was misty and it was raining a bit. As we were determined to go hiking we decided to ingnore the weather and go  anyway. This time, we chose to drive to Lenzerheide some 10min away from Churwalden.

Our hike on trail 746 started from the parking to next to Tgantieni ski lift. The trail started going slowly up, and offered nice views to the valley and the snowy mountain tops.

On the way we also saw some cows, which seem to be everywhere in Switzerland!


We continued on the well marked 746 until its official top point at an alpine hut which was unfortunately closed.  From the hut the road started going downhill and after walking a bit we noticed another trail going up towards another hill top.  Since we felt like some more climbing we took that and were also hoping to eat at the restaurant Alp Nova on top of ski lift Pedra Grossa. The hike up was very nice and just perfect length (maybe some 1.5km more up hill) but unfortunately the restaurant was closed and we returned on the same trail to have lunch near the starting point of our extra excursion at Restaurant Acla Grischuna.


Only minutes after we arrive at the restaurant, it started hailing. But, luckily by that time we were already inside enjoying some hot gluhwein and a perfect meal.


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