Hiking at Churwalden at the Swiss Alps

On our first day we didn’t want to drive anywhere and started hiking some 100m from the house along the well marked route 742.  The first bit was relatively steep and I could definitely tell I had not been hiking in a month or so. Luckily you get used to it pretty quickly and start enjoying the climb. We followed the trail almost to the top (it was really well marked) except we took a shortcut at the end through a field of cows to the starting point of the sledge track.


If we had not forgotten our money at the house we actually might have taken the sledge down, but on after though we then would have missed the cow encounter on our way back. And that was definitely the most eventful part of our hike! When coming down, suddenly on the dirt road there was a heard of 20-30 cows with their young ones and they were not pleased to see us. Pretty soon we realised it was us who had to make way, and climbed higher away from the road. It is hard to explain but I can tell you that high number of mother cows protecting their young ones is definitely something you don’t want to take on…


All in all, a really nice hike and super relaxing. It was also weird to notice how the forest and vegetation in Switzerland are so similar to Finland: the terrain and trees look the same, and there’s plenty of mushrooms.

All in all our hike up and back took some 2.5-3 hours with couple of stops.

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