Where to stay at Pilanesberg for a safari?

So far I’ve visited Pilanesberg two times and have always stayed a the Black Rhino Private reserve which is on the park’s western side. To me it’s been super convenient since

  • you both to get to stay at these amazing lodges with a possibility to view wildlife sometime directly from your lodge
  • the morning/evening  game drives are typically included in the price and there’s no extra driving as you’re already inside the reserve

I’ve absolutely loved my stay at the lodges here, and as said, it’s very convenient since prices include everything else except you lunch/dinner.

Here more about the places I’ve stayed at which I can 100% also recommend!

Tambuti Lodge

I just love the little lodges at Tambuti Lodge with luxurious feel and private porches. Also the food is excellent!

Pilanesberg Private Lodge

The best thing about The Pilanesberg Private Lodge is that you can admire animals visiting the watering hole in front of the lodge while layzing by the pool or having breakfast. The pictures below are all taken from the lodge! The lodge is perfect also in every other way: the private lodges are stunning and the dinner we had around camp fire under the stars very memorable!

Can’t wait to stay at either of these again!


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