Safari in Pilanesberg & Black Rhino Private reserve is an amazing experience!

Going to Johannesburg and would love to see some wildlife but don’t have time to go to Kruger? Black Rhino Private reserve is a great option even if you just have one extra day to spend – although I wouldn’t mind spend even three days there at some of the amazing safari lodges they have. To learn more about how to get there, check my previous post.

I’ve been to the park twice and absolutely love it! The game viewing was really good on both times, and like one of my friends told be when I took him there: you see so many animals that you start thinking that it must actually be a zoo! And one of the best things is that you start seeing the wildlife the minute your safari jeep exits the gates of your accomodation, or in best case you can observe them already when having lunch if your lodge has a watering hole in front of it like one of the places I stayed at did.

Below some of the best sightings we’ve had. If you want to see everything we did, you may want to spend at least 2 days, although it’s not impossible to see everything in one day either. And please note that the animals do roam around so you never know if the rhinos are in the area when you’re there for example.






I hope you like the pictures and can visit Pilanesberg one day!


9 thoughts on “Safari in Pilanesberg & Black Rhino Private reserve is an amazing experience!

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  1. You’re so lucky to see a rhino up close! We saw one from afar during our Ngorongoro Crater safari experience in Tanzania. Actually, it was more of a speck with the binoculars. Great photos of your safari experience.


  2. Waw, never seen rhinos in the wild, Black Rhino Private reserve is a must while in Johannesburg, great tip. I am kind in research as want to visit SA in a matter of a year most. Saved it!


    1. Especially if you’re not going to Kruger, I definitely recommend the Black Rhino Reserve, it has amazing accomodations and plenty of animals.


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