Perfect winter day in London

Walking from Somerset House to Tower Bridge

London can be really unpredictable when it comes to weather, bu we were lucky to be able to enjoy some sunshine on the cold winter day we visited it in January.

We started our day from the beautiful Somerset House which also has a skating rink inside its courtyard.

After some people watching and enjoying the beautiful views from the Somerset House to the River Thames, we continued walking towards the Tower bridge along the route I originally discovered from one of Rick Steve’s books. What I liked the most was learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666 that destroyed 13 000 houses just year after the Plague in 1665 which had already killed a lot of people. Interesting places to see along the Fleet street is Prince Henry’s Room which survived the fire, as well as the most famous of the many churches built by Christopher Wren after the fire, the impressive St. Paul’s Cathedral.

St Paul's Cathedral in London

Visiting Tower of London

After enjoying some warm soup for lunch it was time to continue our sightseeing.  I’ve typically only admired the Tower of London from the outside as it is so expensive to visit, but this time we could not resist taking a peak inside.

Tower of London

The first parts of the Tower of London were built on early 1000’s and its history includes several sieges and building of additional towers. In the 16th and 17th century it was also used as a prison for many famous British people, such as Elisabeth 1. It has also been a home to tigers, lions, polar bears and many other exotic animals received as gifts by the royals from the 1200s to 1835!

When visiting the Tower of London you learn about the history by stepping into the old prisons as well as the torture chambers, walking around the old court yard where the royals use to spend their time, and seeing the precious crown jewels.

Tower of London

The Courtyard also offers a nice view of the Tower Bridge, my favorite bridge in London. For some reason I find myself visiting it every time I’m in London!

Tower Bridge - London

Dinner and Musical

For me, it would be hard to imagine visiting London without going to a musical or stand-up comedy. Compared to the performances in Finland, the quality of the performances in London is just so much superior.

But before the entertainment, you of course need some food!! As we’d had a long day sighseeing and the show was already starting at 7pm, we opted for a restaurant near the show. This time, it meant enjoying some tasty cheese fondue and charcuterie at the wonderfully decorated winter garden of the Dalloway Terrace. Very highly recommended especially for the atmosphere, and the fondue was perfect on a cold day as well.

Dalloway Terrace London

Dalloway Terrace - Cheese Fondue

After dinner, we headed to see The Bodyguard musical at the Dominion Theatre right behind the corner. The show was definitely good, but not as good as some of my favorites, such as We will Rock You.

Given musical ticket prices can be very high, I always look for discount tickets. For information on how to score one, check out the Time Out’s guide.

And, if you don’t like musicals or feel the prices are a bit deep even with discounts (which they are), another good alternative is stand up comedy. Near Piccadilly Circus there’s plenty alternatives, such as The Comedy Store.

Perfect Winter Day in London
Perfect Winter Day in London



15 thoughts on “Perfect winter day in London

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  1. That all sounds very lovely, really like the idea of visiting the Tower of London, it looks like great fun. Great tip on discount tickets, musicals can be really pricey. x


  2. Sounds like a great way to spend a day in London. I have been to the Tower twice, and I still have a hard time comprehending the history, it is such an amazing place. And St. Paul’s is one of my favorites too, it’s just such a beautiful building


  3. London is my favourite city in the world and I love to read articles about it. Great suggestion what to do in one day in London; especially recommending a musical. I also love musicals and saw Wicket and the Beatles Musical (which unfortunately doesn´t exist anymore) in London for only 15 GBP. We will rock you is also great (I saw it in Cologne) but my favourite one is Lion King 🙂


  4. London is so beautiful! If I could I would go there every year! I really love your tip about the restaurant, I saved it and hopefully I will be able to visit it on my next London visit (which will be already in September, yaaay!!!)


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