Zanzibar: Our home in Paje, Zanzibar

To really experience beach life we had booked our own hut from Ndame Beach Lodge,where the huts are located right on the beach and you can esaasilyasily enter the turquoise waters of Zanzibar.





The best part about our lodge was the lounge chairs located right on the beach under the palm trees. You could easily spend hours there just taking in the scenery with a cocktail in your hand.

Even if I really enjoyed lounging in the beach chairs, my favorite moment of the day was still the breakfast which was served directly on the beach and included everything from omelettes to fresh fruits. And what made it even better was that mangos were in season!!!

And if mornings were good, so were the dinners on the beach! The picture below is from our first night at the hotel when they served a seafood BBQ buffet. Normally I would avoid eating my dinner where I’m staying at, but who could resist unlimited lobster??? And when the buffet included also plenty of beef and chicken for the price of 13€ it really wasn’t a bad deal…

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